3D Mirascope Hologram Chamber

3D Mirascope Hologram Chamber

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Our 3D Illusion Maker takes small objects and uses an optical illusion to create a 3D holographic projection. The 6-inch microscope includes a plastic lady bug to display and complete instructions for use. Objects can be changed easily for a diversity of unbelievable effects.

The Optical Illusion Mirror creates a floating holographic image that looks real, but you can’t touch it. You won’t believe your eyes. You can use the included lady bug or go on a hunt for things to put inside and see how they transform.

This 3D Image Projector Microscope transforms ordinary objects into awesome holograms that will amaze and astonish even the biggest skeptics. The Microscope reflects small objects inside the box to the top of the box through the law of light reflection to form a virtual model.

Try and touch our Visual Illusion Box with your fingers goes right through. It can be changed easily for incredible effects. Perfect for a desktop this microscope creates a holographic that looks real.


  • Weight: 150G
  • Size: about 15*15*6 cm